Announcement from Saisei Mirai Clinic Group

× 2nd and 3rd Generation GcMAF were developed by Saisei Mirai Clinics and Saisei Pharma for which we hold patents

There are fake GcMAF products sold online in Australia by a company which is registered in Hong Kong. Please be aware that 3rd Generation GcMAF products are only produced by Saisei Pharma. Products from other companies are fake products and may not be produced in properly approved and registered medical facilities.

× Unverified seller

We were informed that a company calling themselves “Japan Health” with the websites and is claiming to be selling our products. This seller is unverified and we have never sold our products to them. Especially our Second Generation GcMAF vials are only sold from Saisei Mirai Clinics in Japan and we do not authorize anyone to re-sell them unless they are registered as a Medical Doctor with us and prescribing them to patients. We recommend ordering GcMAF only from a trusted and reliable source. If you are unsure of the source, please contact us to confirm.  

Granted Patents:

特許の名称 Invention title 取得国 Issued Country 取得日 Effective date of patent 取得番号 Patent Number
Serum GcMAF 医薬組成物およびその製造方法 Pharmaceutical composition and method of preparing same アメリカ USA 2014.06.10 US8747919B2
2016.08.09 US9409972B2
2017.06.06 US9670268B2
EU 2016.07.13 EP2687218B1
オーストラリア AUSTRALIA 2016.05.12 2012309586
日本 JAPAN 2015.12.25 5860817
イスラエル ISRAEL 2018.06.30 231505
疲労を伴う疾患の予防改善剤 Preventive and improving agents for diseases associated with fatigue 日本 JAPAN 2019.07.19 6555738
アレルギー疾患の予防改善剤 Preventive and improving agents for allergic diseases 日本 JAPAN 2019.09.06 6579603
育毛・発毛促進剤 Hair growth / hair growth promoter 日本 JAPAN 2019.09.06 6579604
皮膚改善剤 Skin improving agents 日本 JAPAN 2019.09.06 6579605
特許の名称 Invention title 取得国 Issued Country 取得日 Effective date of patent 取得番号 Patent Number
Colostrum MAF ウシ初乳酵素処理物、その製造方法、組成物および飲食品 Enzyme-treated bovine colostrum, preparation method thereof, composition, and foods and beverages 日本 JAPAN 2018.09.14 6401712
アメリカ USA 2019.06.18 US10322147B2
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