Case report: 27-year-old Sumo wrestler with severe injuries

Case report: 27-year-old Sumo wrestler with severe injuries

This is a Sumo wrestler recovery story.

He had a serious injury during Sumo training.


He dislocated his knee, tearing a major ligament and also tearing the "peroneal nerve," an important nerve that is used to move the ankle.


Although the ligament has been sutured, the nerve has not been sutured.

The affected area remained swollen and the patient had a very high fever and was suffering from a postoperative infection, which was even life-threatening.


He received 2 times surgery without good effects and he was advised to retire from Sumo wrestling.


He was hospitalized for a year to identify the source of the infection and to focus on treatment to completely cure the infection, but he did not recover.



The edema had not yet gone down even though a year had already passed since the injury, and the ankle, as well as all the fingers, could not move, and the sensory nerves from the knee to the toes had been considerably dulled, which was a miserable situation.


Macrophage-activated factor (MAF) therapy dramatically turned things around.

He started taking oral MAF 6 capsules daily and GcMAF injection near the lesion every day.

In only 3 weeks, he felt pain and numbness in his right sole again.


In 6 month, with growing muscles and improved movements, he was able to return to Sumo wrestling. But he was suspected to have used illegal drugs by other sumo wrestlers because of his quickly growing muscles. The doping test was of course negative. 



Treatment aim


The priority was to remove the edema from the lower leg to the toes.

Since the patient had been treated with antimicrobials for a long time, "the drug may have acclimatized." If the edema is caused by residual bacteria, the only way is to strengthen autoimmunity." He thought that was the only way.



He then thought that "the presence of macrophages is also essential to regenerate the affected area" .


Within a month, the edema began to disappear and the sensory nerves began to return.


He also told us that he had been advised to retire.

He did not accept the recommendation and made a reckless decision to "continue his active career.


It took two years after the injury, but he made a successful return to the ring and rose to a rank close to his pre-injury level.



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