GcMAF phagocytic activity

GcMAF phagocytic activity

2nd Generation GcMAF and Oral MAF both have high phagocytic activity.

We regularly test GcMAF activity at Tokushima university as well as do other GcMAF research there. Our GcMAF has been tested for phagocytic activity using mouse macrophages and sheep red blood cells.


GcMAF phagocytic activity 


Oral MAF phagocytic activity in gut macrophage of mice

Oral MAF strongly activated phagocytosis of gut macrophage of mice


This experiment was conducted by Dr. Uto at Tokushima University.

Oral MAF strongly activated the phagocytosis of the gut macrophages of mice.

It induces almost the same level of potent activation as lipo-poly saccharide. This means GcMAF made from vitamin D-binding protein is very well suited to the activation of macrophages in the mammalian gut.

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