The goal of anti-aging treatments at Saisei Mirai

The goal of anti-aging treatments at Saisei Mirai

The goal of anti-aging treatments at Saisei Mirai is to look 20 years younger, live longer over 100 years old and stay healthy and active.

we are programmed to get old. But we don’t want to get old at least in our appearances. 

So in Japan, we use 7 major treatments for this purpose, such as Skin fibroblast cell therapy, Oral GcMAF, High dose Vitamin C, Human placenta products, Intravenous Ozone therapy, Platelet-rich plasma and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

The immune system plays a critical part in anti-aging, especially macrophages which have different functions.

For example, Tissue repair/ rejuvenation/ regeneration, Defence against infections and Defence against tumour growth.


We now have 3 types of Oral MAF – enteric acid-resistant capsules, spray, candy, and powder.

 However, a new type of spray will be available in the future as a cosmetic product.

Oral GcMAF is registered as a food product in Japan and Sweden and is registered as a dietary supplement in the US, Lithuania, and Ukraine.


Case report: 78-year-old female with Hair Loss

  • Hair loss
  • Skin rejuvenation


This is a 78-year-old-female with hair loss. She started taking oral GcMAF, 2 capsules daily in April in 2016. After 1.5 years treatments with oral GcMAF her hair regrew a lot. She is now 79 years old, looking very young.


We are now interested in telomeres.
Telomeres are like hats attached to both ends of a chromosome.  Their most important function is to protect the chromosomes and to ensure their safe replication.

The shortening of telomeres in human cells is associated with the shortening of life.  People aged 60 years or older with shorter blood cell telomeres have a higher mortality rate.


Telomeres shorten with age.  But if we could lengthen telomeres, we could live longer.

GcMAF may be able to play a critical role in lengthening this.

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